Why You DEFINITELY Need to Hire a Web Designer ​

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Yes, I know there are many different options nowadays to design a website yourself, like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. And if you’ve ever used any of those platforms, then you know that they definitely cannot help you create that dream website you’ve always envisioned for your company, and that’s not even considering the tremendous issues that come with transferring sites from one server to another and with handling e-commerce. 

Both Wix and Weebly host websites on their own servers, limiting how much of your website you can transfer to another server, with Wix not allowing transfers at all! Now, you might be wondering why you would ever need to transfer your website. Well, to answer that question, let’s first answer why you wanted a website in the first place. You wanted a website because you wanted to make yourself known, to grow your customer base, and to make a statement. Keep in mind that websites can only handle so much traffic, so if you even come a little close to your goal of boosting your sales dramatically, then you will definitely need to move your site to another server that can handle that traffic. And let me tell you, moving websites costs a lot of money. With a web designer, that extra cost to hire someone to move your website is gone. 

Design wise, a web designer can provide you with features like an image slider, a user poll, sleek and smooth navigation, an image gallery, and so much more. Although the costs may seem high at first, in the long term, a web designer goes a long way, especially as the recurring costs for them are just $7 per month while web builder’s go for at least $100 a year. And for that price, a web designer gives you tons more features and helps you do search engine optimization, which is really what helps you greatly increase web traffic. It’s like going on WebMD versus going to an actual doctor. 

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