When Do People Access the Web on their Phones?

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In the past decade, mobile minutes spent online has been on the rise, that in 2014 more time online was spent using mobiles than using desktops! Data shows that users spend the most time on their phones to go online in the evening to night time. So what are people doing that makes them switch to their phones instead on use their desktops?


Nowadays, almost everyone in the United States has a smartphone. Having a smartphone on hand makes the internet extremely accessible. Back in the day, when we all were still using our Nokia’s and Blackberry's to make phone calls, internet access on our phones was a luxury. However, things have changed, drastically! With access to LTE or other internet services, as well as free wifi in almost any restaurant or public space, we have full access to information online at any moment of the day.


People like to use their phones to make quick searches. This means that any ideas that pop into a person’s mind throughout the day--perhaps a dinner craving, an addition to one’s bucket list, or an idea for a Christmas gift--can be quickly searched using Google. 


During the evening time, when people tend to be out of work or enjoying their downtime, they can compile all their thoughts throughout the day and complete any goals--booking that dinner reservation, or purchasing the Christmas gift online. The evening downtime is when everyone can delve into what interests them on the internet. This means that companies should being making a huge effort to get consumers’ attention, and once their attention is grasped, the consumer must be able to get to know the company with ease. This requires a responsive website--one that enables user to navigate through the web using their mobile phones. 


People reach company websites not only through Google searches, but also through social media. In fact, people in the United States spend about 35% of their time online while they’re on their phone on social media, which means that companies must be successful in making their digital platforms accessible by all devices, since many services are reached through social media. If someone accesses your website through their phone and has a hard time navigating, you could potentially lose a customer!


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