The Importance of Keywords  

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Did you know that in just February of last year there were 10.8 BILLION searches done on just Google alone? Now that is a huge number, which is why it is more important than ever to optimize your website or blog for keywords.


Before we begin, what exactly are keywords? Anything you search on a search engine really, whether it be “airplanes,” “Trump,” or “Marvel.” If what you put in the search bar is more than one word, then it is simply a keyword phrase. And what is crucial about these keywords is that they, in large part, determine how high your site ranks on a search among other things. You want your site to rank higher than other sites so more people see it, which can potentially increase your customer base. And in an increasingly digital world, this part of search engine optimization might just be the most important facet of gaining exposure in the market.


You might be asking yourself what you can do to optimize your site now that you know this. Well, first go on Google and start researching what are the popular keywords for your type of business. If you’re an interior designer, then you damn well better have “interior designer” as one of your keywords. You can also put in location as well for people who might be searching “interior designer near me” or “interior designer in nyc.” But remember that you also want to cover some of the keywords that are not as popular because if you only have popular keywords, it will be a bit more difficult to compete in rankings with other sites because everyone is doing it. And search up some negative keywords too! These are words that you don’t want to be associated with your site. Carrying on our previous example “architecture firm” might be a good negative keyword because although they are in the same design industry, your business does not at all do any architectural services. Remember, you are paying for each keyword and click on Google when you use this form of search engine marketing. So you don’t want miscellaneous clicks that are going to dig into your bottom line!


That’s it for now. If you’re interested in further readings, then of course, more information is just a keyword away!