The Importance of Being Mobile Friendly​

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Surfing the web is no longer limited to desktops or laptops. Now mobile phones are just as widely used to access the Internet. Research from the advertising network InMobi shows that 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that mobile sites deserve the same attention and care as desktop sites. Tasks that used to only be done on desktops such as checking accounts, updating profiles, registration, making purchases, and more are often done on the go when people are taking breaks during the day or on the way to work. Many people don’t even carry around their laptops anymore because smartphones are far more convenient, which means the need for mobile sites only continues to increase.


In order to keep users’ attention, mobile-sites must be held to the same or even greater standard than desktop sites regarding appearance and functionality. Just as an attractive and engaging desktop site can help to reduce bounce rates (people not clicking through to other webpages on your site), the same goes for mobile sites. Because cellphones are meant to facilitate speed and convenience, mobile sites should load quickly, be easy to read, and have succinct information. If users have a positive experience using a mobile site, it is more likely that they would return to use the desktop site. This helps to increase brand engagement.


More importantly mobile sites help with search engine optimization (SEO). As we talked about in our previous post, SEO is the process of maximizing the number of website visits by making sure that it appears as high as possible on the list of sites that pop-up when entering a term into the search bar. In ranking sites to appear at the top of the list, Google considers bounce rates and clickbacks. Hence, having a mobile site in addition to a desktop site would help to increase both of these rankings by providing the site more exposure.


For a small amount of time and effort, you can increase your website viewership by a significant amount. Mobile website optimization can make the difference for many prospective customers who may be surfing the web while they’re on the go, so if you haven’t considered mobile optimization before, now might be the time!