Teamwork in Design

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Designing may seem like a very independent type of work, and although many designers tend to work on their own, teamwork can be incredibly beneficial in the design world. 


Some people simply enjoy working alone, or might have had negative experiences working with groups, perhaps by being involved in stressful group projects in the past, in which the group was unable to create a productive group dynamic. However, we’re all aware that teamwork has its benefits: take the saying, “two heads are better than one.” With teamwork, we not only can get so much more done in less time, but the actual quality of our work can be improved!


Have you ever felt so proud of your work, only to come up against what seems to be endless negative feedback upon showing your work to someone else? When you are the sole executor of a project, not only can it get lonely, but you tend to become biased towards your own work. When working in a group, however, the communication along the way allows you to get continuous feedback, so that the end product can satisfy the public. Additionally, by simply expressing your ideas out loud, you can see the explicit response that your ideas get, and change your designs more naturally. 


No two people in a team are the same, and although this may seem like an issue, it is actually what makes a team stronger and more versatile. Since we’re all better at some things more than others--some people have perfected the art of organizing, others burst with creativity, some are better with numbers--by combining all these skills, we can create a mega-group that functions at a higher level than a sole individual could. 


In design, a good designer isn’t simply a creative cookie--one also needs skills that attribute to the other parts of the design process: planning, perfecting, and executing one’s design. A team of designers, on the other hand, can master the design process by building on one another’s strengths. Teamwork is especially important when it comes down to web-design, as it requires knowledge of how to build the design on a computer and make sure that the design is fully operable by the public. This necessitates a certain level of specialization and abundant feedback.


At Vimbly Design, we work as a team, allowing each of us to specialize in what we do best--and we feel the benefits of this process! If you’re having trouble working alone on your web-design, or aren’t getting the positive response that you’d like on your designs, contact us and we will use our collaborative design team to solve your problems!