Social Proof: Let People Talk About You​

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Imagine two restaurants, one being empty and the other with a 2-hour waiting list. What will be your first thought about the two restaurants? Well, surely the food must suck in the empty restaurant, while the crowded restaurant must have tasty food. This is an example of social proof, or you can think of it as following the crowd or jumping on the bandwagon. 


The idea of choosing the crowded restaurant over the empty one can be applied to your own brand. Here’s where social proof comes in. Social proof is the concept that people will conform to a popular behavior because they assume it is the correct behavior. So by showing how desirable your brand is, you might be influencing people to be your customers. One of the most effective social proof strategy is testimonials. If your company collects testimonials, you should utilize them by placing them on your website for your future customers to refer to. For a greater credibility, include real photos, whenever possible. This will help people get a better sense of your brand, and might even end up becoming your customers! Another way is to display ratings and reviews for your products or services. Unlike testimonials, this system takes advantage of the quantitative aspect of the 5-star rating system and simplifies the reviews. 


If your brand has been cited in popular news media channels, you should take advantage of their popularity and show off the coverage that you have been getting. Placing the logo of the channels in your website is sufficient, and it is bound to pique the interest of curious prospects. 


Taking advantage of people’s tendency to follow the crowd can help you grow your business, so what are you waiting for? 


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