Social Media Tips for Small Businesses​

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There’s no question that social media has changed the marketing game for businesses. You can post things for free and it has the potential to reach large amounts of people all over the world. It’s a foolproof way to get your business’ name out there, and all you need are some pictures and a message.


Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


Wrong! Getting lots of followers on social media is harder than it seems. It’s not that simple to go viral or to get thousands of followers overnight, but there are several tips to keep in mind that can help your business get closer to reaching its social media goals.


Keep in mind that there are various social media platforms out there so you can choose to use one or all of them to promote your business. If you decide to choose more than one, content, theme, and tone should be consistent throughout and within each platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat).




1. Engage with your audience!  


This way your audience knows that you’re actually reading their feedback. You can respond to your customers on social media, and have fun! It makes for a lighthearted and interesting page. For example, Wendy’s and Burger King often tease each other and even other users (roasting each other) on Twitter, causing people to go to their pages just to see what shenanigans unfold. If you decide to roast people, you must be cautious of how you respond so you don’t offend anyone and lose all of your clients.




2. Consistency in posts! 


Make sure that your posts have a theme. If you are a boxing gym, post pictures about boxers, fitness, and gym goals, not a random picture of a sandwich or a puppy (no matter how cute it is). Also, an extra step would be to make the colors and filters similar to create the overall mood of your page. Aesthetically pleasing pages are always a plus.




3. High-res pictures! 


No one wants to see blurry pictures. If teenagers can have well-planned out high-res pictures on their Instagram, then you MUST have them too!




4. Check what’s trending! 


You can check each platform for what topic is popular that day. You can relate your picture and hashtags to the trends in order to be included in top searches.




5. Use specific keywords/hashtags and use a lot of them!  


Make sure your hashtags are specific and relevant. If you choose hashtags that are too popular, it will be difficult for your post to stand out and come up at the top of people’s searches for that tag. Let’s say that you have a vintage record shop in New York City. If you use #NYC, there will probably be millions of other posts with the same tag. You can still use it, but you should add others like #records, #vintage, #vintagerecordstore, #TheRamones, #punkrockmusic, etc.




6. Tag people and locations!


If you tag specific places, your post will show up whenever people search that place. When you tag people, it is possible that their friends will be able to see the post. For example, if you tag someone on Facebook or if someone tags you, friends and followers will be able to see the post even if they have never heard of your page before. This can help to get your name out.




7. Timing!


Don’t post during times that people are asleep or at work. The best time to post is in the evening when people are scrolling through social media on their commute home, or just chilling after dinner.




8. Contests, offers,  special promotions!


If you have special discounts and deals, let everyone know about it! Everyone loves to save money! You could offer a discount if customers refer 10 people, enter people into raffles if they share the page on social media, and much more!




9. Stay active!


It may be tough to gain a solid following on social media, but the most important piece of advice is to not give up! It is better to be consistent with your online presence than to disappear for long periods of time and post once every couple of months when you think of something. By then, your followers may have already forgotten about you and may have unfollowed your page.