Minimalism in Design

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Minimalism is about doing more with less, but it’s more than just the process of simplification. In the art world, minimalism is a style that gets to the point of the design. It is the removal of clutter, and gets its beauty from its bareness. 


While minimalist design removes certain elements from the design plane, it promotes the purpose of the design. We can think of it as the difference in our productivity between when we attempt to multi-task, versus when we direct all our attention to one specific goal. We can get so much more done when there is simply less clutter in our lives and schedules. 


Good minimalist design requires good organization skills--it forces us to destruct certain elements that aren’t part of the purpose of our design. Yet, doing so is more difficult than it seems. We all have experienced the moment when we know we should throw something away-- be it a shirt you never wore or a back-massager you only once used--but still keep it because you simply cannot get yourself to discard of it. 


If it doesn’t have a purpose, minimalism says that it must go.


The same goes for minimalist web-design layouts. Pages that incorporate minimalism force us to direct our attention to the page’s specific purpose. It gets rid of all the unnecessary clutter and only includes elements that are beneficial to the specific purpose. 


However, minimalist design is more that just a white page with Times New Roman font 12 writing. Although it seems simple, a lot of thought is gone into the minimalist design. Minimalism is about being clever with what you do have, rather than the elimination of what is not important. Think of the Google search page now and how it looked two decades ago: both layouts include the bare minimum, but the current page incorporates minimalism more successfully, achieving a super aesthetically-pleasing design--one that you manage to use every single day!


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