How Technology Changed the Design World: Computers Revolutionizing Design

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Technology has taken us from using pens and paper, where we are limited to our skills of coordination, to working on computers to construct intangible structures behind a screen that can come alive with the click of a button. Technology seems to have made a huge impact on every aspect of our lives, and the world of design could not escape technology’s magic, either. 


There’s a certain precision that comes along with computer intelligence that no human being can master. So when we pair technology with design, more creative individuals can express their innately creative selves, without necessarily having the skills to put their thoughts down manually on paper. Every one of us has a brain overflowing with creativity, but we all have different modes of translating the creativity within us to something tangible that others can appreciate. Technology adds another outlet of expressing one’s creativity in design, through the computer. Technology has made design more accessible to more people--and we get to taste the benefits of this addition.


It isn’t just physical objects that are in need of a design process. Now that we spend more than an average of six hours daily online, technological design is crucial in determining where we spend these hours of our day. With over a billion websites on the world wide web, a design that is not pleasing to the eye is not worth our time, just as an ugly piece of furniture would have no place in our home. 


The assessment portion of the design process is not lost in this age of technology; with the help of analytical softwares, we can statistically assess whether a certain design is successful or not. Just as a car needs both aesthetics and driving capabilities, computerized design must be aesthetically pleasing as well as efficient in its use. At Vimbly Design, we put our designs to the test, and have seen how the improvement of design has an incredible impact on the amount of views a web page receives. 


Technology has enlarged the world of design by creating numerous marginal outlets for creative individuals, and simultaneously, design has managed to shape technology by edging into the realm of computers.


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