5 Bad Website Designs That Drive Your Customers Away

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According to a study done by Missouri S&T, it takes less than 0.2 seconds for people to form a first impression of a website.  As more and more consumers perform online research before purchasing a product, first impressions of a website will ultimately affect their impression of the brand as a whole.


75% of users make judgments of a company’s credibility based on its website, according to a Stanford web credibility research, Additionally, according to Kinesis, Inc., first impressions of a website are 94% related to its design. These statistics call for companies to pursue a proactive approach in developing their website. To that end, here are five website designs that can hurt your website.




1. Missing Call-to-Action Buttons


What action do you want your prospects to take when viewing your website? Your consumers should have a clear idea as to what it is your company is offering, and what they can do to follow you. Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter? Do you want them to follow your social media sites? Do you want them to share your post to their friends?


Without call-to-action buttons, your visitors are left wondering what your intentions are.




2. Poor Quality and Irrelevant Stock Images


 While stock images have been widely used in professional websites, they have also gained a reputation of being too generic. Even worse, you risk using the same image as competitor. If using your own pictures is not an option, you can modify these stock images (as long as you are allowed to) and make your images stand out.




3. Confusing Site Navigation


Having a confusing site navigation is a turnoff for users and could just as quickly make them leave the website. For an easily navigable site, businesses should use categories that are simple for their users, while also ensuring that each link works.




4. Unresponsive Design    


Nowadays people turn to their mobile device to conduct their online searches. With this growing phenomenon, businesses should optimize their website designs by making them mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that phones now come in different sizes, thus, it is crucial to make sure that your website responds to all demands. 




5. Disorganized Content


While an aesthetically pleasing website makes for a good first impression, it should also be supported by content that is equally relevant and irresistible.  If your website design is the food, your content is the flavor, and you want to give your users a taste they will always come back for.