A Call to action


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According to behavioral psychologists, we tend to act impulsively when faced with urgency. So how can we implement this finding into our conversion rates?




1. What to do?


We’ve talked about call to actions before. Call to actions are basically what type of action you want your website visitors to take. It could range from subscribing to your email newsletter, buying your product, or getting a consultation. You can design your call to actions to persuade people to take action by using phrases that convey a sense of urgency, such as “buy now,” “subscribe today,” or “get your free consultation today.”




2. Why Take Action?


Clearly outline the benefits your potential customers get out of taking action. Instead of saying “get your free consultation today,” take the extra step and say “get your free consultation today for a healthier skin” for example. In order to build credibility with your customers, you can mention your company’s successes. Listing testimonials from your current customers will also help to establish your product’s credibility.



3. Where to Place?


Place your calls to action strategically around your website. There are ways to find out where in the website will lead to a better conversion rates. One way is through A/B testing, where you use the same website with different placements of the calls to action and measure which design leads to a higher conversion rate. However, if you have not done this, don’t fret. When in doubt, be sure to place more than one calls to action on a page to persuade your potential customers to take action immediately.


Now that you’ve learned a bit more about how the state of urgency can help your conversion rates, you can start tweaking your pages to highlight the urgency of not being your customer. For more information, head over to Vimbly Design for a free consultation on how to improve your conversion rates by highlighting a state of urgency in your website!