8 Websites that Evoke Different Colors and Emotions

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You experience hundreds of emotions every day. In fact, your emotions are vulnerable to countless factors--and one extremely important factor that you may not explicitly know of is color. Color impacts your feelings in ways you probably don’t even realize. This very Vimbly Design web page is making you evoke certain feelings simply because of the colors we incorporate in our web-design.


How do websites utilize colors in their design?



1. KitKat


Red is used all over KitKat’s website. Red is associated with energy, strength, power, passion, and love. Because it is the color of blood and fire, it is emotionally intense. KitKat has a strikingly red interface that instantly catches your attention. The very use of red in KitKat’s branding is a good way in marking their chocolate product as something you can eat at any time. It creates excitement, and they portray that excitement simply through color in their web-design!





2. EasyJet


Orange is all over EasyJet’s website! The color orange is associated with happiness, creativity, determination, and success. It is the color of citrus and fall leaves. EasyJet utilizes orange in their website to catch the attention of its viewers--because orange has high visibility, it creates a bold impact on the viewer of the webpage, exciting them to travel and encouraging them to follow through with their flight booking.





3. Postmark


Yellow is associated with happiness, intellect, and energy. Being the color of the sun, it produces energy and gets our attention. That’s why many taxicabs choose the color yellow so that they are noticeable to the eye. Postmark attracts the attention of its page-viewers by incorporating yellow in its website. Since yellow is a spontaneous color, it goes well with the company’s very purpose: that emails are time-sensitive. See how color can complement a company's message?




4. TerraCarbon


Green is associated with fertility, freshness, safety, and harmony. It is the color corresponding with nature, but also symbolizes money. In TerraCarbon’s website, we chose green to connect their theme with nature and finance. Their page evokes the beauty of nature, and creates a secure emotional response--financial and natural security.





5. Brightspeed


Blue is used in Brightspeed’s sleek web-design. Blue is associated with depth, wisdom, and truth. It’s the color of the sky and sea, and is thus a tranquil, calming color. Brightspeed uses blue to promote their financial services, successfully creating a sense of stability and security simply through use of color.





6. J Lewis Therapy


Purple is associated with royalty, dignity, creativity, and extravagance. J Lewis Therapy evokes tranquility through their purple web-page. The purple tones are the perfect first impression of superior health.





7. Esteem Builders Coaching


White is associated with light, innocence, cleanliness, and perfection. The whiteness of snow means we correspond white things with purity. Esteem Builders Coaching uses white because of the color’s positive connotation. It creates a feeling of coolness and cleanliness.





8. Feisty Fitness


Black is associated with death, power, and elegance. The use of black in Feisty Fitness’s website completely evades black’s negative connotations, and successfully denotes strength--it vibrates the feeling of power, which is perfect for their fitness message. It’s a powerful color, and we definitely feel the power here!



Colors have more of an effect on you than you may realize, so it is important to consider color options when designing your own website. You don’t want to be evoking the wrong emotions that could potentially expel people from your website. With our experience, Vimbly Design can help you choose the perfect color to evoke just the right message for your brand. Contact us or check out our recent work today!