5 Websites for Major Design Inspo

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Much like writer’s block, designers, as well as any artist, can find themselves being...stuck (stuck in a rut, stuck on a color scheme, stuck in the design process). With outdated widgets and graphics, and similar template every time you try to rebrand, it’s easy to feel like your website might be falling behind. Fortunately, at Vimbly Design we have a cure... we get a large dose of design inspo from these five awesome websites:




1. The Cool Club 


Based out of Amsterdam, The Cool Clubs sells card games and posters with their signature and unique illustrations of icons such as Biggie, James Brown, and Oprah. What we love about this website is the cohesiveness of their illustrations and the animations that bring their work to life. Its minimalism make the website super easy to navigate. Plus, their choice of color scheme makes the whole page easy on the eyes. 

 The Cool Club




2. Candere Cruising 


Seattle’s only private cocktail cruise line boasts a website whose imagery make you feel like you are drifting away at sea. Decked in ocean blues, and images of the Seattle skyline, every page is more tempting than the last. The large call to action buttons make finding what you’re looking for super easy. The best part is that the webpage adapts to any screen size without losing its quality or usability. 

 Candere Cruising




3.  Paul Valentine


California’s Paul Valentine designs gorgeous luxury timepieces at an affordable price. And their website reflects just that—an air of elegance and luxury. It’s unique loading animation draws you in from the get go. The large high quality images of their watches against the solid background allow customers to appreciate the unique details of each piece and keep the website uncluttered. We also love that the website is accessible in four different languages! 

 Paul Valentine





4. Loudest Yeller Bike Tours


The website for one of the top bike tours in our very own NYC manages to seamlessly incorporate a video background with major highlights of their tours. The call to action buttons quickly and efficiently direct customers to the two most important features of the website. The typography and use of color also help quickly and clearly describe the business’s purpose while keeping the look fresh. Widgets throughout the website are strategically placed to avoid messiness, but also make everything easy to find: from their Instagram posts to their tripadvisor reviews. The highlighted testimonials on their homepage gives the viewer social proof of the company’s success.


Loudest Yeller





5. G-Star Raw


This luxury denim company makes sure that their uniqueness comes across not only in their fashion, but also in their web design. Their blue jeans are animated and scattered throughout the screen making it a very creative e-commerce page. The design (quite literally) brings the jeans to life.  Moreover, its unique use of fonts paired with the animations and quality photography manage to give the web page depth and a three dimensional effect. 




Inspired by these awesome websites? Looking to revamp your own? At Vimbly Design, we work to build websites that are not only personalized but genuinely creative. We strive to impress you and your customers with a website that is beautiful and easy to use. And who knows? Maybe your site will become a source of “design inspo” for others. 


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